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GamersLounge statistics, AndroidGaming and Gamescom 2013

Consumers are changing behavior and no one knows that better that PR and communication professionals. GamersLounge continues to develop and adapt to the meet the consumers on their terms and conditions. Again in 1H 2013 we have gained a larger footprint and have published even more reviews, interviews and news aimed directly at consumers. We challenged ourselves to grow exposure on Facebook and have achieved the goal of averaging a reach of 15.000+ users per week.

Android-GamesThis is of course based on the feeds you provide on a daily basis. This is in addition to unique content such as video preview of The Last of Us, coverage of RuneScape 3, preview of FIFA 14, promotions for Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and the announcement of Xbox One. Just to mention a few. Apps and casual gaming are growing which is obvious from our link to a free casual mobile game each Friday. We have, as an experiment, established a community forum,, to provide a platform for OUYA, GameStick, tablets, smartphones and other Android based devices.

gamescom glThe next major event is Gamescom 2013 where GamersLounge, as usual, will participate. Gamescom is also a consumer fair and during the days in Cologne we prioritize hands-on with consoles and games that are expected to release from September 2013 to April 2014. In our experience this will enable a steady stream of news, previews, reviews and interviews ensuring maximum exposure of products, games and services up to, and during, the scheduled release.

Thank you for your continued support and hope to see you in Cologne.