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We cover as broad as humanly possible. This includes products, platforms, genres, publishers and developers. We have the task mail You are wellcome to add this mail to any type of distributiuon list you have. If anything is under embargo we will adhere to guide lines.


Many of our staff writers have particular genres and/or platforms they take an interest in. We will reach out to ask for review copies or promo codes based on staff requests. Anything we ask for will be covered. You are welcome to provide an unsolicited promo code and we will do what we can to review.

We do not charge for making reviews nor do we expect you to purchase adds on GamersLounge. The staff writers benefit is that they get to keep what they have reviewed. We understand that some big ticket items needs to be returned after the review process. Please let us know in advance if anything need to be returned.

We do not score previews or early access games. They will have a writeup similar to a reviewed game without any score. Contentwise previews are placed in our Article catagory so they never show up with reviews.


GamersLounge uses a score system with 1 to 5 stars. Once in a while we might provide half a star to indicate the score is in the upper percentile. Every score is also one reviewers individual opinion in relation to the state-of-the-art when the review was performed. How long do we play? We play until the end credits, until we are bored or until the games no longer has any variation or new mecahnics to learn. We tend to use producs for around 10 days to put them though the paces before writing the review.

3 Stars are what we expect any game, products or gadgets is capable of receiving. This places the score within the 40% to 60% percentile. Generelly you have to deliver whats on the tin. This is also an above average score and you should be happy with it. This is a good score!

2 Stars are a litte below par within the 20% to 40% percentile. The typical reasons are technical flaws or if a game is very repetitive. Poor build quality is also a factor in gear.

1 Star is a very unusual score within the 0% to 20% percentile. This is reserved for the products and games that should have had some extra care before being publicly available. Typical very frustrating with many technical flaws.

4 Stars are in the 60% to 80% percentile. This is where you are entertained or the products performs very well. If it’s a game we have played it though the end and if it’s a products it will make it into our daily rutine.

5 Stars reach the 80% and above percentile. This is a game the reviewer just loves to play or a product that is a joy to use. This does not mean flawless nor does it mean expensive. This is the standard others delveopers and manufactures should aim for.

NFT’s and Crypto

GamersLounge do not post content based on Crypo or NFT’s. You can find our position in the article: To NFT or not to NFT – that is the question!.


If we get something wrong, and we sometimes do, please let us know. Any factual errors will be corrected at once.

If you want to know more about us check out our GamerLounge Overview PDF. (Updated May 2nd 2019)

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