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Æd dig vej med Pig Eat Ball


Posted 8. oktober 2018 by

Pig Eat Ball er et indie spil som samlede ikke mindre end 25,000 på community platformen Fig. Det er udviklet af Nathan Fouts der tidligere har være udvikler hos Insomnia og teamet hos  Mommy’s Best Games der også stod bag Serious Sam Double D XXL. Dette er en arcade oplevelse hvor du æder og brækker dig gennem mere end 100 baner som en flyvende gris. Se trailerne her under og hele pressemeddelelsen nederst.

Fellow aliens of the Space Station Kingdom rejoice – Pig Eat Ball has left Steam Early Access. Developed by indie studio Mommy’s Best Games, Pig Eat Ball is a surreal fast-paced game whereby players have to eat balls then barf them out in order to successfully overcome a plethora of different worlds, challenges and bosses.

Mommy’s Best Games was also behind the gun-stacking PC and Xbox 360 title Serious Sam Double D XXL, which first launched back in 2011.

Players begin by jumping into the hooves of Princess Bow, the daughter of the King Cake, a cake-headed monarch who has devised “The Royal Games”. The winner of the games gets Princess Bow’s hand in marriage – whether she likes it or not! With the Princess unable to talk her father out of it, Bow decides to put on a disguise and enter the competition herself – uncovering a darker secret that threatens all life aboard the Space Station Kingdom.

In Pig Eat Ball players explore tons of bizarre worlds, ranging from the squid-infested land of the Sushi Gardens to the deadly Kitchen Chaos, each filled with dozens of hand-crafted challenges to overcome. Whether that’s dodging alien bulls, spitting bombs, eating flying pies or bowling while on a conveyor belt – Pig Eat Ball has players digesting and regurgitating anything and everything to overcome each obstacle.

As if 10-hours of single-player craziness isn’t enough, Pig Eat Ball features a manic 4-player offline couch co-op mode, with dozens of custom levels and a variety of win parameters to set. Those who want to take their hallucinogenic worlds to the next level can do so using the games custom Level Editor – exclusive to PC players. Designed with intuition in mind, gamers can combine and arrange assets to create their own levels and upload them to the Steam Workshop to share with the world in no time.

Mommy’s Best Games has also worked closely with renowned leaders in the games accessibility space to ensure that as many players as possible can enjoy the game. This includes implementing over a dozen accessibility options to adjust various gameplay, visual and audio facets to offer alternative ways to play.

Key Features:

  • Pulsating old-school arcade gameplay driven by a unique “barf” mechanic
  • Dozens of intricate worlds to explore
  • Handcrafted (not procedurally generated) challenges means players are always doing something new!
  • Use brain, skill and mouth to overcome huge bosses including the Accordion Centipede and a living pile of NACHOS!
  • Find dozens of disguises aboard the Space Station Kingdom for special abilities – each with both pros and cons
  • 10+hour single-player campaign mode for barfloads of fun
  • Unimaginable characters and enemies bring the lavish universe of Pig Eat Ball to life
  • Rich yet easy-to-understand level editor lets players create, play and share their custom levels to the world in minutes!
  • 4-player couch co-op with customisable goals makes Pig Eat Ball the ultimate party game
  • Over a dozen accessibility options mean as many players as possible can play Pig Eat Ball



Jan Bo Kristensen

Jeg er ansvarshavende redaktør på GamersLounge og aktiv gamer primært på PC & PS4. Nyt legetøj leger bedst, så det bliver til mange forskellige spil på flere forskellige platforme. Jeg falder altid tilbage til shootere eller de mere action prægede titler når der rigtigt skal kobles af. Noget af det mest spændende er at få lov til at lave interviews og previews fra de events vi deltager i. Jeg øver for at blive bedre til CS:GO og følger danske eSports turneringer. Tak fordi du kiggede forbi.


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