En masse nyt er landet i MMORPG titlen Echo of Soul. Kort og godt er det “kun” en opdatering, men der er en masse lækkerier til jer som spiller det. Læs mere om det her:

gamigo is proud to announce its giant, immersive MMORPG – Echo of Soul – has received a major update today that delivers various improvements across a variety of areas, new in-game events, and rewards that improve a character’s stats.

Today’s update introduces improvements to the Field PvP combat mechanics which include enhancements to the Distorted Fields and Nerodin Dungeon areas, the inclusion of force attacks, and premeditation statuses. Battlefield PvP Smart matching has also been improved, changing the number of participants from 15v15 to 10v10 and disqualifying pets from being summoned into the Battlefield or the Arena (sorry, Fido).

Players will be able to create Artisan-grade Sapphire and Amethyst and can now purchase Frigg’s Healing and Blessed Healing Potions. Frigg’s Healing Potion restores 50% of the EXP and Gold lost from a player’s most recent death penalty, while the Blessed Healing Potion restores all of it.

Rounding out today’s update are adjustments to the Paladin class and the Field Boss Collection Event starting today and ending on March 23rd. Players will need to defeat the Fanatics of Imidoom to earn 3 Field Guardian’s Marks. These Marks can then be crafted into a Field Guardian God’s Mark when combined with a Blessing Crystal via Alchemy. God’s Marks can then be used to redeem a number of rewards that can offer a small permanent boost to characters or a large time-limited boost.