Vi skal desværre sove rigtigt mange gange inden vi kommer til at spille DOOM: The Dark Ages. Det er sat til at udkomme i 2025 og det bliver en forløber til de spil vi allerede kender. Scenen bliver den mørke middelalder.

DOOM®: The Dark Ages. This single-player, action first-person shooter and prequel to the critically acclaimed DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal will see players step into the blood-stained boots of the DOOM Slayer, the ultimate super weapon of Gods and Kings, in a medieval war against Hell.

Players will shred enemies with devastating favorites like the Super Shotgun while also wielding a variety of new bone-chewing weaponry, including the all-new, versatile Shield Saw. Tear across the demon-infested battlefields in vicious, grounded combat inspired by the original DOOM. Take flight atop the fierce Mecha Dragon and beat titanic demons to a pulp in the massive Atlan mech. DOOM: The Dark Ages, the cinematic origin story of the Slayer’s rage, is coming to Game Pass, Xbox Series X | S, PC and PlayStation 5 in 2025.