Det er ikke den store hemmelighed at gamigo har fiskesnøren ude når der skal nyt i hus. Denne gang er det KingIsle Entertainment der kommer ind under gamigo paraplyen. Læs mere om dette her:

KingsIsle Entertainment and gamigo are pleased to announce European Wizard101 services will transition over from Gameforge to KingsIsle and gamigo starting the week of May 16.  

It’s our goal to make this transition as seamless as possible,” says KingsIsle Entertainment Game Director Leah Ruben. “Rest assured your adventures in the Spiral will be able to continue through the transition. Our team at KingsIsle is very thankful and excited to have the opportunity to serve our European Wizard101 players!” 

The move will begin on May 16, allowing former Gameforge Wizard101 players to register their new KingsIsle account before the new servers open. The exact date and time of the server opening will be announced closer to the event. Players will be given a personal transition code that will transfer all game progress and Crowns balances of European players. Some magical launch rewards will also serve as a welcome gift for European players coming home to the KingsIsle community. 

Wizard101 European players have been wanting a closer connection to the KingsIsle team and community for a long time now.” says Marc Berekoven, gamigo Director Marketing – Launch Department. “The teams at KingsIsle and gamigo are excited to be working on new ways to reach new European players, and support existing players, that simply weren’t possible before.” 

More information on launch items and the transition process can be found at our dedicated Wizard101 Europe Transition Details web page. For more information on Wizard101, please visit the following link: