AMD takker alle gamere for støtten med deres nye loyalitetsprogram, AMD Rewards, og deres nye gaming app “AMD Gaming Evolved Powered by Raptr“. App’en giver dig mulighed for at optimerer et spils indstillinger til din maskine med et enkelt tryk. Samtidig kan du holde dine drivere opdateret og bedst af alt giver den adgang til loyalitetsprogrammet AMD Rewards. Her får du mulighed for at benytte de point du optjener gennem app’en for forskellige aktiviteter i Raptr butikken.

Videoklippet ovenfor giver en introduktion til både AMD Rewards og den nye app. Under skærmbillederne er hele pressemeddelelsen og til de både yderligere beskrivelser og til app’en.

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Feb. 19, 2014 AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the  AMD Rewards program powered by Raptr, giving AMD Radeon™ graphics and AMD APU-based PC  gamers the chance to redeem  points earned  within the AMD Gaming Evolved application for prizes.

“We are thankful for the millions of gamers that support the AMD Radeon™ brand by using the AMD Gaming Evolved application Powered by Raptr,” said Darren McPhee, director, Graphics Marketing, AMD. “The AMD Rewards program is our way of thanking our loyal customers and giving back to the community that has given so much to us.”

The AMD Gaming Evolved App helps gamers get the best experience every time they play by recommending optimal game settings tailored to their rig; keeping their drivers up to date; and through a diverse set of in-game tools like chat, web-browsing, live-streaming, and through the new AMD Rewards loyalty program. Players can earn points by using the app to play their favorite games, optimize setting for those games, or engage with the community. Those points can be redeemed for AMD Rewards in the Raptr store.

At launch, gamers will be able to redeem points for prizes, such as: Sapphire Technology Radeon R9 Series graphics cards, and tons of free games, ASTRO gaming headsets, GameFly subscriptions, GUNNAR gaming eyewear, discounts and more. AMD Rewards Program is an extension to the broader Raptr Rewards program, which has already given out millions of dollars’ worth of rewards.

“We see AMD Rewards as a natural extension of what Raptr Rewards does for gamers,” Dennis Fong, Raptr’s CEO, explained. “It’s really great to be able to reward players for all the time and effort they’ve invested in playing games.”

To see a list of the prizes and learn more about participating in the Raptr AMD Rewards program, visit

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