Så er det næsten tid til en ny tur hvor nazister og andre ubehagelige elementer skal nedkæmpes. Det kræver isenkram. Nedenfor finder du en guide de nogle af de våben du skal bruge.

BJ Blazkowicz has an uphill battle ahead of him in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. With Nazi forces subjugating his homeland, BJ must travel across America assembling a resistance to repel the invading regime. But he’s not entering the fray unarmed. BJ comes prepared with an arsenal of powerful guns, grenades and gear to help him carve his way through the evil occupiers.

But developer MachineGames didn’t stop at simply arming BJ with a diverse arsenal of finely tuned firearms. Along with a few brand-new weapons, Wolfenstein II now includes the ability to freely dual-wield and customize your guns with a range of modifications. Even with these updates and upgrades, though, it won’t be easy for BJ to liberate his country and save the world from evil. To help you out, we’ve put together a full guide to the firepower BJ will be wielding to make America Nazi-free again – along with insights into the game’s all-new weapons customization system. (Note: potential gameplay SPOILERS ahead.)

Hatchet: Hack ’n’ Slash
In the hands of Blazkowicz, the hatchet takes on two roles. For starters, it can break apart supply crates and other obstacles as per its original design as a firefighting tool. In the case of a less literal firefight, however, BJ repurposes the bladed weapon for silent takedowns and brutal finishers.Take One to Go: Over the course of The New Colossus, BJ will come across an occasional surplus of hatchets. These extra axes serve as silent-yet-lethal throwable weapons to help him take down unaware Nazis – or just punctuate a firefight with a final blow when magazines run dry. To top it all off, hatchets fetched from the corpses of fallen foes are reusable, rewarding BJ’s throwing skills with a free opportunity to chop down yet another Nazi.
Pistole: Reliable & ReadyEasy to use (and even easier to keep stocked, thanks to Nazi commanders dropping ample ammo), the Pistole is a reliable sidearm for close-quarters scenarios. Despite its humble appearance compared to the bigger guns in BJ’s arsenal, the Pistole makes short work of unarmored enemies with just a few well-placed shots – and only becomes more efficient when the Extended Magazine and damage-boosting Magnum upgrades are attached.

Shhhh!: When it comes to conserving ammunition (or just getting the drop on unsuspecting foes) there are few better solutions in The New Colossus than a silenced Pistole. Using the Suppressor upgrade, the handgun becomes an essential sneaking tool, allowing BJ to pick off Nazis from a distance without raising alarms.

Maschinenpistole: Fast & FuriousSometimes combat efficiency is less “make each shot count” and more “shoot the most.” When it’s time for the latter, BJ pulls out the Maschinenpistole. A sub-machine gun with an impressive firing rate, few things clear a room as quickly as BJ storming in with a Maschinenpistole (or two) in hand.

Hot ‘n’ Ready: Like the Pistole, its Maschinen-variant can also be fitted with an Integral Suppressor upgrade for silenced kills. Should BJ not be concerned with stealth, however, another choice attachment is the Nailgun upgrade – a superheated chamber that, when toggled on, fires red-hot bullets that add extra impact to each shot. Toasty!

Sturmgewehr: Power & PrecisionCommonly wielded by elite Nazi units, BJ can appropriate this fully automatic rifle to overpower enemies just outside the range of his more up-close-and-personal weapons. Throw in the Armor Piercing and Jungle Magazine upgrades and the high-caliber rifle becomes especially efficient at punching through hardier foes in longer-distance skirmishes.

Down Range: When there’s quite a gap between BJ and his target, that’s the cue for the Marksman Scope to shine. When activated, the Sturmgewehr becomes a semi-automatic rifle with improved damage and accuracy thanks to the upgrade’s shiny new aiming optic.

Schockhammer: Like a shotgun, but three times betterA patently Wolfenstein-y shotgun, the Schockhammer adds its own twist to the shooter staple – literally. Using not one, not two, but three spinning barrels that unload shells automatically, the Schockhammer is BJ’s go-to when he needs a nonstop barrage of pure triple-barreled stopping power.

Bouncing off the Walls: Using the Ricochet upgrade, the Schockhammer gains the ability to bounce buckshot from each fired shell off hard surfaces, allowing BJ to blast away foes tucked behind corners, caught in tight spaces or behind cover by pulling off what we can only describe as “shotgun trick shots.”

Kampfpistole: One hell of a flare gunThe New Colossus’ take on “great things come in small packages,” the Kampfpistole packs a serious punch in spite of its small frame. Essentially a grenade launcher in pistol form, a single shot from the explosive firearm sends an entire squad of Nazi soldiers (or rather, what’s left of ‘em) flying in every direction.

Rocket Man: Though normally launched in an arc, BJ can opt for his Kampfpistole rounds to take a more direct approach with the Rocket upgrade. When in use, shots fired from the overpowered handgun fly in a straight trajectory as if BJ was wielding a one-handed missile launcher. On that note, the Rocket-augmented shots also detonate immediately on impact – allowing BJ to skip straight to the explosive finale and light Nazis up like fireworks.

Laserkraftwerk: Does so much more than cut gratesBombs and bullets are all fine and good, but there’s just something extra satisfying about reducing Nazis to carbon that we can’t quite put our finger on. In the meantime, BJ can do just that by putting his own fingers on the trigger of the Laserkraftwerk. Making a return from Wolfenstein: The New Order as part of the Fergus timeline (if you choose Fergus instead of Wyatt), the Laserkraftwerk can atomize even the toughest armor with bolts of pure, supercharged energy.

Large and in Charge: Though hard to believe, the raw power output of the Laserkraftwerk can be upped even further with the help of another weapon upgrade. Once modded with the Super Charge ability, BJ can hold down the Laserkraftwerk’s trigger to build up and release a massive energy beam. BJ just needs to make sure he doesn’t hold the trigger down too long, lest he drain the weapon’s electric-powered battery.

Dieselkraftwerk: Bombs away!Taking the Laserkraftwerk’s place if you choose the Wyatt timeline (instead of Fergus), the Dieselkraftwerk isn’t so much concerned about vaporizing Nazis with precision as it is through sheer combustion. Lobbing globs of fuel rigged to ignite on BJ’s signal, the Dieselkraftwerk can set up intricate traps for Nazis to stumble onto, or just coat them with sticky charges before activating the detonator – whichever form of shock-and-awe best suits the situation.

Boom goes the Diesel-mite: As effective (and fun) as laying traps can be, there are moments where BJ has no time to wait around for Nazis to stumble upon his Dieselkraftwerk charges. After unlocking the Ignition Muzzle upgrade, thankfully BJ can ignite the charges from the Dieselkraftwerk immediately upon firing. This turns the remote-detonated weapon into a grenade launcher, allowing BJ to rain napalm death upon foes without delay.

Handgrenate: A one-sided game of catchThe bane of entrenched, clustered or slow-moving foes, the Handgrenate is a perfect garnish to top off any fight that calls for a little extra oomph. With just the right toss at just the right place, BJ can clear entire rooms full of Nazis with a single throwable. That said, the real fun begins when BJ starts tinkering with his upgrade kits…

In Triplicate: Though not a conventional firearm, BJ can outfit the Handgrenate with special traits that make them even deadlier. With the Shrapnel upgrade, for example, BJ can rip Nazis to shreds using high-impact fragmentation. The Diesel upgrade, meanwhile, blankets the blast radius with fire while the Electric upgrade tosses in a pulse that temporarily disables electronics. And yes, BJ can choose to unlock all three upgrades at once – turning each Handgrenate into a frag grenade, Molotov cocktail and EMP bomb all rolled into one!

Heavy weapons: Power(ful) toolsCarried into battle by The New Colossus’ intimidating suite of SuperSoldaten forces, these high-powered pieces of military hardware add another card to Blazkowicz’s rolodex of Nazi-killin’ techniques – so long as he offs the armored super-goon wielding them first.

Though too large to fit in BJ’s inventory or be dual-wielded, the two-handed machines are unmatched in terms of raw damage-dealing. Such weapons include the metal-melting, Nazi-liquefying Lasergewehr, the high-velocity, high-heat Dieselgewehr, and the Hammergewehr, which somehow tops the Schockhammer with four – yes, four – barrels of rapid-firing shotgun goodness.

One Gun to Rule Them All: For the best in turning Nazis to indistinguishable goo, there’s the Übergewehr – a ridiculous fusion of firepower marrying combustible diesel with an igniting laser that creates a single shot of pure carnage. Though any respectable Nazi killer like BJ will be tempted to try the awesome power of the Übergewehr, he will have to take down the formidable Zerstörer units that dual-wield them in combat first. Sure, it’ll be a tall order, but hey – that’s exactly why BJ has all those other weapons at his disposal.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus releases on October 27, 2017, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, with the Nintendo Switch version to release in 2018. Winner of more than 100 awards at E3 2017, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus also received four nominations from the official E3 Game Critics Awards (including Best of Show) and won Best Action Game.