Det kommer nok ikke som et chock at Notre Dame stod i flammer i 2019. Det er nu muligt at “besøge” Notre Dame som intet var hændt. Læs mere om det her:

Notre Dame was destroyed in a fire in 2019 – visit the cathedral as if it never happened

The construction of Notre-Dame de Paris began in 1163 and took over a century to be completed – and it is today an UNESCO World Heritage site. In 2019, a massive fire destroyed huge parts of the interior and exterior. France immediately began campaigns to fund rebuilding the structure, but it will take years before this job is done.

Now, Notre Dame and the surroundings has been completely recreated in Virtual reality and can (opening 15 Jan) be experienced by all visitors in la Défense, Paris. So actually, you can still walk around in the untouched cathedral – in Virtual Reality. 

Notre Dame is brought back to life digitally by Emissive and HTC Vive:

“Allowing people to experience in fantastic detail the awe-inspiring beauty and history of Notre Dame cathedral is an outstanding example of how virtual reality can ensure that history lives on,” says Cher Wang, Co-founder and Chairwoman, HTC Corp.

Read more about the project here: