Det er penge der for kloden til at dreje. Når du sidder som leder for et land er der meget som skal prioriteres. Det store spørgsmål er hvordan du får penge uden at beskatte dine egen vælgere. SuperPower 3 Economics er ude 7. oktober til PC. Se mere her:

Investing in infrastructure is critical. And education, of course. And Healthcare, and research … and hey, what about the environment? There are many ways a country can spend its money, but the trick is to balance your budget. Of course, you receive money from taxes – but how can you make more without making your people pay for it? As a leader, it is up to you to grow the economy, and to provide income for your citizens and goods to trade to other nations. A country’s economy is the key to success in many other areas, and is essential to consider if you want to lead your nation to prosperity, happiness, and glory.

About SuperPower 3
The long-awaited installment to the SuperPower series, SuperPower 3 is a mix of strategical and managerial elements and is the most complete and accurate geopolitical simulation game to date. This iteration brings modern graphics, present-day military hardware, and technology, as well as an improved EHE/AI technology for a tailor-made experience for every playstyle. The wide variety of approaches to the game gives you unprecedented freedom! You can focus on the big picture, like planning out entire wars, or on the smallest details imaginable. The whole planet will be watching your actions and the decisions you make will play out in front of your very eyes. SuperPower 3 takes place whenever and wherever you want it!
You can choose to play any nation on the planet. Scenarios are based on real-life events and are equipped with actual data. Try to govern your country to the best of your abilities either on your own or with friends in multiplayer mode.

SuperPower 3 is tailor-made for all the megalomaniacs out there who are convinced they can do a much better job at running the world than real politicians and military leaders across the globe. Solve real-life conflicts, with solutions that no one previously thought possible and see what effect this will have on the world. Can you change history?


  • Global theater of an accurate reproduction of the entire world including 194 playable countries
  • Expansive strategy and dozens of scenarios based on real-life events
  • Real data, analyzed and made for gameplay purposes
  • Character creation with almost every nationality, religion, and typical attire available in real life
  • High replayability due to no official end to the game
  • Mod friendly architecture to create your own unique scenarios