Der bliver serveret når Startenders mixer drinks i rummet på PlayStation VR. Det er udkommet 22. september og der er stadig plads bag baren i de forskellige spiltyper.

Get behind the bar to create and serve intergalactic cocktails to some of the galaxy’s most interesting clientele in Startenders, an out of this world VR bartending experience launching on PlayStation VR today.

Developed by Foggy Box Games, Startenders is an immersive arcade-style game that lets players loose with a cocktail shaker, a collection of mad machinery, and an abundance of crazy ingredients to mix, shake and serve their way across the universe. Create bizarre beverages for colourful customers as a Milky Way mixologist in the hope that no one notices you haven’t the slightest clue what’s going on.

“No two shifts behind the Startenders bar are ever the same with our procedurally generated clientele, so that, just like in a real space bar, you never know who or what might walk in next,” said Chris Youles, Creative Director of Foggy Box Games. “We were delighted with the response to Startenders when it launched on Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2 earlier in the year, so we’re thrilled to bring the game to PlayStation VR players today. It’s all about having fun, experimenting with your mixology skills in a vibrant VR setting.”

Startenders features a range of VR-specific accessibility options to allow maximum comfort for all players. Playable seated or standing, Startenders also allows for teleport node-based locomotion and optional snap turning, seated mode height offsets, in-world subtitles, and height adjustment on all surfaces.

Startenders is out now on PlayStation VR with a suggested retail price of $14.99 / £11.99 / €14.99, with introductory pricing in some regions. It is also available on Meta Quest and Meta Quest 2, all versions published by Yogscast Games.