Så er der 3 nye monstre til Tactical Monsters. Samtidig kommer der en speciel eSports mode hvor der er level caps. Du finder beskrivelsen af de nye monstre nedenfor:

#1 “HOGGY” The Tunneling Expert (Traditional Worker):

  • Despite his funny face, Hoggy is a formidable tactician mole. He digs tunnels every he goes! Watch where you step, be careful not to fall into his potholes !

#2 “W51” The Malfunctioning Machine (AI Worker):

  • W51 is a totally unstable powerful robot, his final self-destruct explosion causes major damage to enemies around him!

#3 “SANKA“ The Forest Drummer:

  • Sanka is the Big sister of the mysterious forest triplets (along with Hunka and Bunka). The sound of her drums provides her team with extra strength… Be discreet or her cougar will devour you! Use all three sisters together to gain major team benefits !