Vi har tidligere kunne fortælle at Warframe’s Update 11 var ude til PC. Her i weekenden er PlayStation 4 udgaven kommet på omgangshøjde og dermed er der endnu mere (gratis) indhold til alle der spiller Warframe. Det er rum ninja co-op og rigtigt underholdende. Her er den samlede oversigt af indhold:

New Warframe: Valkyr
Female Berserker Class, Cosmetic Bastet Helmet & Cosmetic Restraints!

New Weapons:
“Tigris” Tenno Double-Barrel Shotgun (Primary)
“Cestra” Corpus Mini-gun (Secondary)
“Lecta” Corpus Whip (Melee)

New Prime Gear:
Ember, Glaive, and Sicarus!
Find it all in the Void Today or through Prime Access (coming soon)

Sprint is no longer needed to initiate a Wall-Run
New Customizations: Warframe Skins for the first 8 Warframes!
New Decorations for the Dojo (Including a Trading Kiosk!)
New Tile Set: Corpus Gas City
New Enemies: 3 Corpus enemy types to seek and destroy!
New Boss: Sargus Ruk (Grineer)
New Boss: Alad V & Zanuka (Corpus)
New System: Trading 1.0! Build the Trading Kiosk in your Dojo to begin!
New System: Codex and Scanner (Scan enemies to unlock entries & details in the Codex)
New Damage Model 2.0! More information here: https://forums.warfr…n-on-damage-20/
New Mods for Slash (Health) Damage, Toxic (Poison) Damage, Impact (Shield) Damage, and Status (Proc Chance) Effects!
New Resource Drone: collects crafting materials from planetary systems!
Added option to opt-in to Nightmare nodes
Added new icon for Boss nodes on the star chart
Players can now copy other players’ mission votes by clicking on the squad info panel.

-Removed the Railgun MOAs from the Mastery Rank 1 Challenge
-Players can now mark Waypoints in game with the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller
-Players can turn Transmission Messages ON/OFF for the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller in the Options Menu
-Full on-screen map: During gameplay to view the overall level map as you uncover it through exploration by pressing the touch pad button
-Improved Main Menu navigation to include the Codex and Inbox
-Players can now access the Arsenal when in a lobby
-Remote Play control bindings are now displayed in game
-Players can now toggle crouch/slide to hold
-Capture targets are now more dynamic and mobile: there are a range of tougher Corpus and Grineer targets with varying abilities and weapons will flee at the first sign of danger. Stop them from boarding a shuttle and escaping!
-Star Chart progress, Sentinel and Sentinel-Weapon rank now contribute to Mastery level
-Sentinels now come with a default amount of armor
-Removed co-op doors from survival missions
-Time between Defense waves has been reduced to 6 seconds
-Updated Dojo room art for the following rooms (visual update will be automatic, no rebuild necessary):
– Oracle
– Barracks (Moon, Mountain, Storm, Shadow)
– Research Labs (Bio, Energy, Chem)
-Star Chart: added effects & colorization to further distinguish available nodes from completed/locked nodes, and highlight boss nodes.
-Stun Chance mods (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Melee) are now Status Effect mods in accordance with new damage system
-2D and 3D weapons duck ambience by 2 dB less and duck music by 1 dB less. 2D weapons duck 3D weapons by 2dB less
-Improved sound-ducking mixes
-Changed Europa planet description so that it wasn’t the same as Eris
-Added new icons for Sentinel weapons
-Switched the Prova to use Machete animations and finishers
-New space skybox added to the Grineer Galleon tile set
-Improved the sound for the Heavy Impact mod
-Audio improvements to some stealth finishers
-Rebalanced some mod types for Conclave battles (Stun mods, Crit mods, and Corrupted mods)
-Tuned conclave values for Brakk, Machete Wraith, and Obex
-Added sound for Galleon air lifts in Conclave map
-Stalker has been improving his melee combo techniques
-NPCs will no longer target Rescue agents

-Fixes put in to address severe cases of texture popping
-Fixed the Shield Damage Indicator will no longer flicker in the opening tutorial
-Fixed Log-In Rewards not appearing
-Fixed selling multiple instances of an item not working
-Fixed the Clan Message of the Day not appearing until returning from a mission
-Fixed the AI occasionally shooting their weapon after death
-Experimental camera fixes – camera does not collide with enemies or players to avoid annoying jitter.
-Fixed issue where only host could invite players into a Dojo
-Fixed more instances of enemy AI spawning or falling into unreachable areas in Exterminate missions
-Fixed falling out of level in Mastery Challenge 7 costing a revive
-Fixed some navigation/design issues in new level connectors
-Fixed some issues related to Nyx’s Mind Control ability where brainwashed AI didn’t always attack enemies as intended
-Fixed various teleport issues that would result in “out of world” experiences
-Fixed Corpus Energy Rifle firing animation to match Clan Tech Tenno Energy Rifle (alternate between top and bottom barrels when firing)
-Fixed some missing materials identified in Corpus ship levels
-Fixed a case where you are unable to melee/block sometimes after being knocked down during melee swings
-Fixed a case where the player would stay in the melee charge anim sometimes if knocked down during melee attack
-Fixed missing respawn volume in Dojo obstacle course
-Fixed some reported issues of flickering textures
-Fixed missing jump actions required by enemies in certain levels
-Fixed Jackal robot missile seeking offset
-Fixed Security Camera sounds not playing for clients
-Fixed names of Gradivus Dilemma trophies
-Fixed Grineer Scorpion to have proper in-game description
-Fixed issue with Kestrel and Glaive animations for holstering
-Fixed all reported/known issues of players falling through elevators
-Fixed ledge-mantling mid wall-jump causing you to keep your push velocity
-Fixed Rhino’s Iron Skin ability that granted invulnerability during oxygen loss
-Fixed weapon attachments to now play the fire animation according to their respective fire rate (with any upgrade mods)
-Fixed broken weapon recoil behaviour; it now works as intended
-Fixed Roller idle animation jittering
-Fixed “power in use” issue after using Banshee’s Sonic Boom ability
-Fixed Acrid weapon not doing damage over time
-Fixed Saryn’s Miasma ability to apply damage over time
-Fixed issue where Ciphers were being consumed twice on a single hack
-Fixed Nekros Soul Punch ability to ragdoll target NPCs
-Fixed Trinity’s Energy Vampire in Conclave which caused enemies on the opposite team to regenerate energy as well
-Fixed issue that allowed spectators to fire the Ignis and Flux rifle while spectating in Conclave
-Fixed enemies not getting auto-killed if they ragdoll in the middle of a death animation
-Fixed multiple issues with Infested enemy types related to map navigation
-Fixed high level enemies spawning in low-level defense missions
-Fixed private session countdown not starting after friend joins/selects mission