Filmen har fået stor succes og i World of Warships så er de også klar med Operation Dynamo som var kodenavnet for evakueringen af Dunkirk.

“We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills – we shall never surrender…”

Winston Churchill in a speech after the evacuation of Dunkirk


As many of you are no doubt aware, we recently teamed up with the good folks at Warner Brothers in support of their upcoming epic action thriller Dunkirk. As part of this, Update 0.6.8 is bringing a special new game event to Operations mode—Operation Dynamo!

Inspired by the Battle of Dunkirk, the historic evacuation of Allied forces from France after being surrounded during the closing stages of the Battle of France, this game mode will see you captaining your own destroyer in an attempt to assist in the evacuation. Complete missions and get reward containers every day! Note that even more missions and rewards wait for you during the weekend. Gather all “Dunkirk” collection items and get the main reward – a special British commander!


Besides the players, Allied aircraft will be supporting you, with cargo ships under AI control assisting in the evacuation. Indicators above them will show the degree of their availability.The goal of Operation Dynamo will be for players to get to the evacuation zone, carry out an evacuation, and then get to the safe zone. As part of this, a new mechanic for loading and unloading resources to and from ships will be implemented. The evacuation areas will be marked on the map. Once a ship enters one of them—providing it is sailing slower than 10 knots and not on fire or flooding—it will start embarking or disembarking. When any damage is done to a ship with cargo on board, its cargo will decrease.

Nothin’ friendly about it: As part of Operation Dynamo, Friendly Fire will be disabled, including damage from ramming with allies!
Besides the players, Allied aircraft will be supporting you, with cargo ships under AI control assisting in the evacuation. Indicators above them will show the degree of their availability.


But it is not just cargo you will be rescuing! A special evacuation area, known as the “Drowning Soldiers zone”, appears on the site of a destroyed Allied ship on the map. The initial number of soldiers in it is the same as on the ship at the time of its destruction. Every few seconds, their number decreases until the moment an allied ship arrives to rescue them. If there is space on board, it will start the embarkation up to its limit. If there’s no space while it is at the point, the number of “drowning soldiers” simply doesn’t decrease. The zone disappears as soon as its counter goes down to zero.


Players will have to be on their toes! Opposing them will be torpedo boats, air raids, and other threats:

  • Schnellboot torpedo boats: small but very fast and armed with torpedoes—however, ramming will be very effective against them!
  • Luftwaffe air raids!
  • Coastal batteries: deliver accurate fire from the shore at the players and their allies from off map, these batteries will be a constant threat to the evacuation.
  • Mines!


A new threat lurks beneath the seas of World of Warships!

  • These are stationary objects, which are triggered by contact with the ship’s hull, similarly to torpedoes
  • Mines may cause flooding and disable/destroy modules
  • After exploding, the mine disappears from where it was and it becomes possible to pass through the area
  • In Operation Dynamo, mines will be located within the mine fields marked on the minimap. In the game world and on a tactical map, the borders of the barrier will not be displayed.


To complete the operation, players will have a choice of two special event destroyers, or HMS Gallant, if the player has bought it.

  • The Tier V British destroyer Anthony. Its speciality is the Defensive Fire consumable, allowing it to counter enemy airpower more effectively!
  • The Tier V French destroyer Cyclone. More of a gun destroyer, it has increased shell damage compared to Anthony making it better suited to hunting down enemy torpedo boats!