Sammen med den kommenterede gameplay trailer så har Tindalos Interactive og Focus Entertainment afsløret udgivelses datoen for Aliens: Dark Descent. Det bliver 20. juni du kan kæmpe mod et af de mest frygtindgydende aliens.

Today, Tindalos Interactive and Focus Entertainment, in collaboration with 20th Century Studios, announced Aliens: Dark Descent, a strategic, real-time squad-based tactical action game, will launch worldwide on June 20, 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Alongside the release date, the first gameplay video for this terrifying original tale set in the iconic Alien universe was also revealed, breaking down what players can expect when your ship crash lands on Planet Lethe.

Outsmart the Xenomorph threat and unearth Lethe’s secrets.
Aliens: Dark Descent
 slings fans into the cold embrace of space where players will have to employ a range of tactical abilities to unravel an authentic Alien narrative full of sinister secrets, iconic Xenomorphs and brand new threats. Dive in and explore the horrors and wonders found within Aliens: Dark Descent, through a cinematic, narrative campaign.
Recruit, level up and command your squad of Colonial Marines in real-time and as one unit with intuitive controls on both keyboard & mouse and controller. Watch how any command issued over comms is swiftly obeyed by the Marine best-equipped for the situation according to their abilities and equipment. Players will need to use their wits to navigate expansive, persistent and reactive levels and complete objectives. However, be cautious and monitor each marines’ vitals – for death is permanent for any who falls in combat.