Så er der ny karakter i Guilty Gear -Strive- som en del af sæson pas 2. Det er Asuka R# som du kan se nedenfor:

Asuka R♯ is the fourth and last character to come to Guilty Gear -Strive- Season Pass 2. With his 26 different types of spells, both mastering science and magic, he is what can be called a genius sorcerer.

Along with Asuka R♯, a new battle stage is also available: Tír na nÓg, home to a space colony created by humankind to survive outer space! The previously abandoned and dilapidated colony has been repaired and found a new use… Both Asuka R♯ and Tír na nÓg are also purchasable as stand-alone DLCs.

For the 25th anniversary of Guilty Gear, players can discover two additional color packs “Anniversary Appreciation Color” and “Anniversary Colors”. Both packs add new colors for all currently released characters. Download now the “Anniversary Appreciation Color” pack for free !