Cosmic Top Secret er bygget over en sand historie og er nu ude på Steam. Hovedpersonen T, som har fået navn efter spil udvikleren Trine, fortæller historien om forældrenes arbejde med den danske efterretningstjeneste under den kolde krig. Det har være under udvikling i 7 år og indholder mere end 100 timer video. Du kan læse mere under traileren og du finder spillet her:

Independent game studio Those Eyes and film studio Klassefilm today announced that its true-story adventure game Cosmic Top Secret is now available for download on PC and mobile. Best described as a hybrid of reality and fantasy told in an abstract papercraft world, Cosmic Top Secret has been seven years in the making. The game tells the incredible true-life story of ‘T’ (Trine, the game’s lead developer) and her journey to discover more about her parent’s involvement with the Danish Intelligence Service during the Cold War.

As part of the game’s production, Trine interviewed her parents and their former colleagues for 7 years, building a portfolio of over 100 hours of video and audio footage. The game’s dedication to accurately depicting Cold War events is such that Trine arranged meetings at the Headquarters of the Danish Military Intelligence to secure clearance on the use of the interviews and certain documents within the game.

In Cosmic Top Secret, players flick, roll and glide their way across six distinct levels, uncovering clues and completing secret dossiers by gathering over 400 collectables. Along the way, players meet a cast of colourful and unforgettable characters including Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. The title has already won 3 prestigious awards for storytelling and game quality at high-profile events including AMaze Berlin, IndieCade LA and IDFA DocLab 2017. Cosmic Top Secret was also a finalist for this year’s prestigious Indie Game Festival’s Nuovo Award – an award that recognises distinctly artistic titles.

Cosmic Top Secret aims to bridge space between video games and documentaries by defining itself as a “Docu-game” that will appeal to any gamer. Core video game players will welcome the traditional interactive video game elements including puzzles, challenges, map navigation and interaction with other characters while less-seasoned gamers can enjoy the game’s rich narrative based on documents, audio and video relating to the Cold War era.

The game’s original soundtrack was also composed by Danish musician Bjørn Svin, whose tracks have had thousands of streams across all significant streaming platforms.