I september sidste år lancerede EA Creator Network og nu bliver fællesskabet endnu større og har nu endnu flere sjove, originale og eksklusive muligheder for indholdsskabere af enhver art. EA har en ambition om at udvide netværket til 5.000 aktive skabere på verdensplan inden udgangen af 2022 for at være med til at gøre en reel forskel for de spil som EA betjener i sit fællesskab.

EA is proud to open its Creator Network to content creators, globally. 

Creating inclusive environments and experiences is at the very core of EA’s mission: inspiring the world to play. Player communities are more diverse than ever before which is why EA is announcing something very special for its community of creatives.  

As of today, the trailblazing Creator Network is open to submissions from passionate video game creators around the world. No matter the size of their platform, or the focus of their art, creators from all walks of life can now apply for membership to the platform by filling in a simple online form – making contributing and engaging with the community easier than ever before.  

From YouTubers to photographers, artists to podcasters, and cosplayers to animators, the EA Creator Network aims to reach new communities on different platforms. By providing more opportunities to get their content featured across the EA ecosystem, Creator brands will be connected with EA and its players via relevant, authentic storytelling. 

Members of the Creator Network will not only get priority access to games but also benefit from EA mentorship, guidance, and resources, empowering them to create some of the most exciting content for their favorite games. EA’s partnerships across the world of gaming also mean creators have opportunities to attend exciting experiences such as key industry events and talent collaborations, adding new perspectives to their content for players to enjoy.  In addition to content creation opportunities, the Design Council Game Feedback programme which runs through the Creator Network allows these diverse player groups to share their thoughts on upcoming titles by engaging with the development teams throughout the design and implementation phases.

Last September, EA launched the Creator Network to better support video games creators in developing compelling content and help them to tell their own stories about the games they love. During the fall soft launch, over 2,000 creators were brought into the Network across FIFA, The Sims, Battlefield, Apex Legends and other EA games, including players from over 97 countries.  EA wants to grow the Network to 5,000 active creators worldwide by the end of 2022 to help make a real difference to the games EA serves its community.