Alle der har Destiny 2 kan fra i morgen lørdag d. 1. september kl 19.00 og frem til søndag 2. september kl. 19.00 gratis spille den nye spiltype Gambit som kommer med Forsaken udvidelse der rammer 4. september. Destiny 2 kan hentes gratis for alle PlayStation Plus abonnenter. Bungie og Activison har delt deltaljerne om Gambit:

On Tuesday, September 4th, Activision will launch the new expansion for Destiny 2: Forsaken. In addition to new weapon systems and new enchanting places, the expansion also features an all-new game mode: Gambit.The innovative mode is the first of its kind, and combines the best of two worlds. In two teams of four players each, teams play against engine… but also against each other!
On separate courts, players battle to destroy engine controlled enemies. To win, they not only have to defeat these enemies, first the team also has to collect so called “motes”. These take the shape of lighted triangles that drop after every slayed enemy, and in turn has to be banked in the middle of the field.
For every banking, the team gets an advance on the other team, for example by sending large engine controlled enemies to their opponents’ side, or why not jump over themselves to destroy the game for their competitors! The first team to finish off the end boss wins.


Everyone who already owns Destiny 2 can try Gambit this weekend. 
Destiny 2: Forsaken will be launched on September 4th, but all Destiny 2 owners can play Gambit during this weekends free trial.  Gambit free trial is available for everyone starting Saturday September 1st from until Sunday September 2nd at