Kalder alle eventyrlystne spillere. Grand Fantasia får en ny opdatering med en masse dejligt indhold. Det I kan se mest frem til er en ny Guild Dungeon. Men ud over det er der også en del andet at komme efter. Læs med her:

gamigo invites all adventure-loving Sprite Messengers to grab their weapons and tackle formidable dungeons in “The Path to the Norns” patch for Grand Fantasia

The following adventures await all Messengers: 

  • Guild Dungeon: Click on the guild interface to open the Guild Dungeon – Yggdrasil to start it and enter the dungeon. Fight against the monsters for a chance to receive glorious prizes!  
  • Quill Expansion: Follow the second Thread to the new Quill Expansion to the Quill Library and receive new books! 
  • The Darkened Taro King Descends: The Tarot Kings seem to have grown stronger, but the chance of getting Tarot equipment-related items has doubled! Face the Chosen Dark Taro King and defeat the monster to obtain a Rare Achievement. 
  • Legendary Anniversary Celebration: It’s celebration time! We have prepared four small challenges that will give you the chance to obtain statuses, skills and Mystery Bags. 
  • Enchantment Update: From now on, when gold-quality cloaks are enchanted, they will receive between 1 and 5 enchantments. Some are new and can help resist malus, such as silence! 
  • Items: A special item has been added to the alchemy page, and all items in the column can be obtained by refining this item during alchemy. 

For more information, please visit the following links: