Det er ret vildt at tænke på, men Trove har allerede eksisteret i hele 7 år. Det skal da fejres! Se her hvilke lækkerier I kan få fingrene i:

gamigo invites players to take a break from the summer heat by logging into its popular voxel-based MMO Trove for this year’s Sunfest in-game event and to celebrate the games 7th birthday! 

Sunfest 2022 is sure to be unforgettable as Trovians can meet charismatic newcomer Chuck Pinzo as he introduces a new way to become flush with cubits through his own once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity (or scam, depending on who you ask.) Players who invest in Chuck Pinzo’s “opportunity” to make money off the Great Houses of Trove will find themselves strung along a 12-step questline that rewards players with two new currencies, Pinzoins and Trovian Finite Notes (TFN). The former of the two can be used to earn tradable skins from the most recent Bunfest, Shadow’s Eve, and Snowfest events while the latter can be redeemed for new mounts, new allies, and Premium Reward Crates containing tradable versions of all of this and last year’s allies and mounts. 

In addition to Chuck Pinzo’s questline and rewards, Trovians can once again purchase delve decoration boxes for the Tysorion, Carys, and Panatea houses from previous Sunfest events. Last year’s Sunfest collectables are also available to craft and can be obtained by converting TFNs into the appropriate house’s unique currency. 

Sunfest 2022 isn’t the only reason to jump back into Trove as the game celebrates its 7th birthday! There will be plenty of piñatas spawning at random locations across the world of Trove that will include random rewards players aren’t going to want to miss. And if players input the code TROVE7THBIRTHDAY, maybe they’ll get something special? *wink*

Gamigo will also be hosting a Trove stream to celebrate the launch of Sunfest and its 7th birthday on its Twitch channel on Friday, July 15, 2022. Twitch drops will also be available the same day.

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