Så er der tips at hente efter det første stykke tid med multiplayer. Der har aldrig været flere våben i CoD. Denne gang er der 37 nye våben sammen med alle de tuningsdele som giver flere hundrede unikke våbenkombinationer. Det udspiller sig på 16 klassiske Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 fra 2009. Stadig nogle af de bedste MP baner der er lavet. Skal du have lidt tips til at domminerer så læse med her så du er klar til weekenden:

It’s all in the details!

Modern Warfare III features the largest armoury of weapons in Call of Duty history. With over 37 new weapons, plus the added customization of Aftermarket parts, and more, there are hundreds of unique weapon combinations for you to unlock.

Modern Warfare III brings new levels of customization to Create-a-Class. Get ready to build your Loadout based on cutting-edge military equipment, such as gloves, tactical vests, boots and more; allowing you to fine-tune more aspects of gameplay.

Movement is key

When manoeuvring in Modern Warfare III Multiplayer, expect the following movement abilities to affect your operator’s general responsiveness:

·        Slide cancelling animations (i.e., “slide cancel”) – note: slide cancelling does not reset tactical sprint

·        Partial reload cancelling (i.e., “reload cancel”) to immediately return fire

·        Faster mantling and mantling while sprinting speed

·        Firing during and immediately after sliding

·        Tactical sprint duration increased dependent on weapon equipped

·        Tactical sprint recharging while sprinting

The mini-map is your best friend

The classic mini-map has returned, and red dot indicators now light-up the map where an enemy is firing an unsuppressed weapon. This handy tool now points you in the direction of where the shots are coming from. Use the compass to know what direction the enemy is in; from there you can decide whether you want to get out of the way or play aggressively to hunt them down.

Ready to toggle Tac-Stance on?

Tac-Stance is a new movement mechanic that is the perfect middle-ground between hip-fire and aiming down sights. Find the button combination that works best for you to employ Tac-Stance. Since it’s an action that you will want to be able to go in-and-out of on a moment’s notice in order to maximise its effectiveness, there are several options to try, we encourage you to try different button combinations to find the best fit.

Watch out for that flash!

If you’re looking to avoid visual impairment in the midst of a flash grenade, be sure to avert your eyes. If you see where the grenade falls, quickly look away before detonation and you’ll be able to carry on un-blinded and unhindered.


Rust returns to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. Top Tips to get the upper hand on you opposition

The infamous desert arena returns with Rust, the mighty map favours fast-paced action around the central tower that looms over the field of battle. Whatever your experience is in this classic environment, there is plenty to know and understand if you are to get ahead in the battles on this iconic multiplayer map.

Will you fight for a spot on the coveted power position, or will you opt for an alternative path? Here are some top tips to keep in mind when fighting it on Rust:

Let them have it

While the other operators battle for dominance over the tower, take up a position by the southwest oil pump. Get on top of it to enjoy great visibility over this corner of the map and drop down below when under fire from the tower, or if you need to draw enemies into close quarters under the pipeline.

Watch your back

A sniper rifle won’t do much good at the top of the tower if an enemy comes climbing up the central ladder. Choose a handgun or melee weapon for your secondary so that you have something to quickly swap to when the fight comes up close.

It’s not (always) a race

Frenetic combat is the name of the game on Rust, but it doesn’t always have to be. Sometimes the best tactic is to slow down and hold your position. Try setting up near the western blue containers or around the various obstacles at trucks to keep the enemy at a greater distance, or move along the underside of the pipe, eliminating enemies moving in and around the tower.

Get on the fuel tank

Just west of the tower, the fuel tank platform offers a great vantage point over the left half of the map. Jump onto it from the tower’s middle platform or drop down to it from the upper floor. You’re quite exposed here, so don’t overstay your welcome, but you’re also likely to gain the element of surprise against enemies expecting an attack from the tower or ground floor.

From the hip

While careful precision has its moments, so does fast movement and a stream of bullets. By customising your weapon to focus on its hip fire attributes, you won’t have to slow down when engaging the enemy. Take them down and move onto the next, all while maintaining that forward momentum.

A gift from below

Can’t seem to outshoot that pesky enemy in the tower? Turn the flooring against them by tossing up a drill charge underneath their feet. You’ll end up either blasting them off their perch or causing them to evade in a panic, making them an easy target. You won’t have to step back as you do when tossing a grenade, either, allowing you to keep out of their sight line.


Top Tips to Dominate Terminal on Modern Warfare III

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® III multiplayer has arrived and with it comes the return of fan favourite map, Terminal. Whether you are new to the map or getting reacquainted with this classic environment for the first time in a long time, a strong knowledge of the surrounding environment will take you far, so dig into these top tips and get ahead of your opposition.

Watch your head

Don’t think you’re safe from aerial attacks inside the Terminal building. There are large glass ceiling panes over much of the interior structure, so overhead streaks still pose a danger to those within. Learn the safe spots and get to them when there’s trouble incoming.

Start in the midrange

Consider a midrange Loadout when starting out on Terminal. It’s a strong distance for many of the engagements here and will give you time to discover the spots where other weapon types might perform better.

Keep climbing

Use your mantling abilities to get into advantageous positions. Climb everything in sight to take advantage of the map’s verticality by getting over and ahead of the enemy team.

Prepare for departure

Terminal is one of the most iconic maps in Call of Duty history, having appeared in multiple titles.

Whether this is your first or five hundredth time here, the battle ahead is sure to be an epic one.

Now, check in with your captain before departure and plan a strategy that’s sure to secure victory.

Dine and dash

Burger Town is a great defensive position with views over Dining, the Upper Lounge and into Shopping. Lock down the area when it’s hot and then move on to your next target.

Plan Your UAVs

If you’ve got the UAV streak equipped, wait for the opportune time to activate it. The intel will better serve you before a big push or in anticipation of an incoming attack.

Rocket blast

Get messy with free-fire Launchers by blasting enemies in the hallway, in the plane, on the apron, and anywhere else where the blast radius can be directed to eliminate hostile operators.

Recently, Call of Duty and PlayStation® teamed up to recreate Terminal in one of the most unique launch events of the year. Brought to life in a secret London location, fans and celebs were able to grab a bite to eat from Terminal’s known and loved restaurant, Burger Town, explore the space, get hands on with the game, and get a quick trim, Soap style, from Monster Energy’s Beast barbers.