Så er der Steam Publisher Weekend hvilket betyder at der er rabat at hente på alt fra Wargaming universet.

Wargaming kicks off its annual Steam Publisher Weekend! The event features free in-game DLCs, huge discounts, special stream with lots of surprises from the developers, and more. No matter if you take to the seas, the land, the skies, or the stars, the 2023 Steam Publisher Weekend brings boundless Wargaming deals to Steam players. The savings will be available all week from February 16th to February 22nd.

Taking center-stage is an exclusive multiproduct “Wargaming Publisher Sale” bundle that offers World of Tanks, World of Tanks Blitz, World of Warships and World of Warplanes content at a staggering 95% discount. It consists of powerful machines, days of Premium Account, credits and other useful in-game items. All-in-all in-game resources worth 84,97 Euro will be available for 4,25 Euro.

It features Excelsior tank with 100% trained crew, 3 types of equipment, special 2D Style: Desert Rats and days of premium account in World of Tanks; Panzer. V/IV tank with “Shale Luminescence” camouflage, credits, and days of premium account in World of Tanks Blitz; Commonwealth cruiser Perth with a Commander and a port slot in World of Warships; and SNCASE SE-100, a French Tier V heavy fighter, with a hangar slot, 100% trained crew with 6 free skill points and days of premium account in World of Warplanes.

World of Tanks players can claim a special “Free Supplies Pack” which includes 3 days of World of Tanks Premium Account, x3 Large Repair Kit, x3 Large First Aid Kit, x3 Automatic Fire Extinguisher and 150,000 credits. On top of that, exclusive to the Steam Publisher Weekend, is the new “Let’s Steam-Roll Them” 2D tank style available only to Steam players but visible to all on the battlefield. Any Steam player can obtain it by completing special mission (available from February 16 till February 20) or it can be purchased as part of the new “Steam-Roller Pack” which also includes 3 days of World of Tanks Premium Account. Moreover, players can get their hands on the selected tanks that will be available at 40%-50% discount including the Tier VI Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2. medium tank, Tier VIII Premium ELC EVEN 90 light tanks with 100% trained crews.

World of Warships’ warriors of the waves won’t be left out either! All players can grab free DLC that includes 3 days of Wargaming Premium Account. Also, World of Warships offers 4 currents DLCs at a 75% discount. One of which is the “American Freedom”. It contains Tier III destroyer Wickes, Tier III cruiser St. Louis and Tier III battleship South Carolina, each come with their own Commander with 3 skill points. On top of that, a full day of World of Warships Premium Account.

World of Tanks Blitz players will be able to bolster their credit reserves and enjoy extra days of Premium account for free. Specially for the Steam Publisher Weekend a brand-new DLC with 40% discount will be available for players. It includes Tier VIII BAT. – CHÂTILLON BOURRASQUE tank, 9 equipment slots, special tank skin, 30 days of Premium accounts and more.

And finally, every one of World of Warplanes’ flying aces can get themselves a special bundle that includes Curtiss XP-31, USA Tier II fighter, with a 100% trained crew, 3 days of Premium Account, special emblem, steel trophies, and more, all for free!

Additionally, a collection of Wargaming legacy titles will be available at an 85% discount. These games include the original Master the Orion trilogyMaster of Orion: Conquer the StarsTotal Annihilation and both Massive Assault titles.