Så er Rebellions co-op shooter ude. Det er hæsblæsende action sat i en scene fra 1930’ernes Egypten. Der er alt muligt overnaturligt der skal nedkæmpes. Det betyder også en helt frisk trailer og nedenstående pressemeddelelse.

Rebellion’s third-person romp for 1-4 players sees us travel to North Africa, where terror abounds! Seteki the evil witch queen has risen once more, bringing with her a reanimated army of ungodly undead. Malicious mummies, manifest myths and myriad monstrosities – what manner of heroes can fell such ghoulish foes and lay rest to the witch queen for good?
It’s time for the STRANGE BRIGADE! With the finest firearms available and a spot of supernatural power, this secret organization of manifold heroes can save the day!
STRANGE BRIGADE offers a thrilling story campaign brimming with rambunctious shooter action, lush environments to explore, prickly puzzles to solve and terrific treasures to discover! On top of that, adventurers can pit their wits against Horde Mode and Score Attack at launch – and like the campaign, they’re playable solo or online for 2-4 players!  
STRANGE BRIGADE is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and it’s available online and in physical editions. On top of the standard edition, fans can purchase the DELUXE EDITION which includes the SEASONS PASS, bringing new campaign missions, playable characters, outfits, weapons and more! The SEASON PASS includes ALL future content for the game!
Meanwhile, accumulators of antiquities should take a gander at the COLLECTOR’S EDITION. This limited edition set includes a boxed copy of the game, an exclusive steelbook case, a stunning model of the Brigade’s airship, a 64-page art book and exclusive suitcase design and sleeve and the Secret Service Weapons Pack DLC.
For more information, please visit the STRANGE BRIGADE site.
So what are you waiting for? Join the Brigade today!
About Rebellion®
Founded in 1992, Rebellion is one of Europe’s leading independent game developers and publishers. Whether it’s the breathtaking intensity of Sniper Elite 4, the face-hugging terror of Aliens vs. Predator or the grindhouse frenzy of Zombie Army Trilogy, the Oxford-based studio is known for creating stand-out games that thrill players.