Så er det lige før at vi igen får en skræmmende oplevelse i The Dark Pictures. Det er sæson finalen som kommer 18. november. Velkommen til hotellet som har mord som design.

Your death is his design, and as Halloween comes closer so does the threat of a terrifying night inside the Murder Hotel.

The trap is set and about to close on the Lonnit Entertainment crew. After luring them with the promise of an incredible setting for their failing documentary on H.H. Holmes, their host Granthem Du’Met now watches their every move, plotting and planning their most exquisite deaths!  A crack in a wall, a mirror or a simple detail on a painting can easily hide cameras to stalk them as the killer searches for the perfect moment to strike, and when he does, a terrible fate awaits you!

Ever get that feeling you are being watched? You most certainly are!