Dirty Bomb er netop gået ind i en åben beta fase, som alle kan være en del af.

Dirty Bomb er et Free To Play spil på PC, og det ser ret lovende ud.

I kan se Splash Damage´s officielle udmelding fra Paul Wedgwood som er stifter af Splash Damage:

“Today marks a huge achievement in our studio’s history. Dirty Bomb is our first fully owned IP on PC, and that has allowed us to make exactly the game we wanted,”
“As a studio, we are dedicated to creating the most entertaining, competitive and collaborative experiences. Dirty Bomb is a showcase of this and of our partnership and collaboration with Nexon. With more than two years of testing by thousands of our fans through closed Alpha and Beta, Dirty Bomb is a game of firsts for us and the industry.”

Dirty Bomb Betaen kan downloades via Steam allerede nu.