Næste udgave af Digimon World bliver Next Order der udkommer 22. februar på Switch og PC. Så kig med i traileren nedenfor hvor du kan (gen)opdage de elskelige karakterer i serien.

In this gameplay trailer, players will (re)discover the Digimon World series with lovely characters and iconic features. They will enjoy fighting with their two Digimon partners and exploring the world to uncover its mysteries. Managing and expanding their own town will also be key to please the Digimon residents that they will collect throughout the adventure. They will have to take good care of all their Digimon and the special bonds they will create will allow them to ExE evolve during battle to unleash devastating attacks.

In addition to the game, players can benefit from the “Bonus Item Set” which is a free bonus offered to everyone buying the game It will include a parameter boost set and two special cores to digivolve into Omegamon and Imperialdramon PM. This bonus will be offered permanently with the Digital version of the game, and available while supplies last for the Physical version.