Under parolen bedre sent end aldrig kommer der nu en beta på PS4 på H1Z1. Vi har video ovenfor og mere her under.

PlayStation Plus members get exclusive in-game items for the free-to-play battle royale action shooter

Daybreak Games® today announced that H1Z1®: Battle Royale, the original standalone battle royale game, is now available for free on PlayStation® 4. The battle royale shooter is currently in Open Beta with a full release scheduled for later this year.

H1Z1 has been redesigned specifically for PlayStation 4 players, with a larger weapon arsenal — six new weapons — and fully reworked UI among the new features. Matches are fast and frantic. The encroaching ring of toxic gas moves quickly while the new weapon progression system keeps players engaged with frequent, increasingly lucrative airdrops.

“We redesigned H1Z1 on the PlayStation 4 to cater to the action shooter fan. It’s fast-paced, intuitive, and its 15-minute matches make for fun, intense sessions,” said H1Z1 Producer Terrence Yee.  “We received fantastic feedback during Closed Beta and we are excited for all PlayStation 4 players to finally be able to experience the intense action of H1Z1: Battle Royale with this Open Beta release.”

H1Z1’s control system has been overhauled for maximum speed and mayhem on PS4. With a familiar radial weapon menu, players can quickly switch between their two weapons of choice: guns and grenades. The grab-and-go equipment system also makes it easier for players to collect loot on the run.

Airdrops have never been more important in H1Z1. As the primary way to find the best loot, players must strategically decide when to pursue a mass airdrop for higher-powered armor and better weapons. For more cautious players, special crates with similar high-level gear are hidden throughout the map — just listen for the radio chatter and signal beacon that sounds when they are nearby.

H1Z1: Battle Royale PS4 Bundle Packs
Three limited-edition bundles have been created for H1Z1’s PlayStation 4 Open Beta:

  • Starter Bundle (SEK 68 / NOK 62 / DKK 56 / €7.45)

  • Standard Bundle (SEK 259 – w PS Plus SEK 233.10 / NOK 235 – w PS Plus NOK 211.50 / DKK 213 – w PS Plus DKK 191.70 / €28.45 – w PS Plus €25.60)

  • Deluxe Bundle (SEK 629 – w PS Plus SEK 566.10 / NOK 579 – w PS Plus NOK 521.10 / DKK 519 – w PS Plus DKK 467.10 / €69.95 – w PS Plus €62.95)

PlayStation Plus Members receive one free bundle that includes two exclusive Nemesis Crate items –the tactical body armor and explorer backpack.