Et nyt mobil spil er annonceret. Byd velkommen til New Star Soccer Manager som kommer til Android og iOS enheder snart.

Mobilplatformen går mere og mere frem hvad gaming angår, så vi ser flere spil lande der også. Nu kan du snart blive en prof fodbold træner hvis du ønsker. I kan læse et uddrag af den officielle pressemeddelelse her:

New Star Soccer Manager is a total football management simulation offering fans
a unique mix of management and arcade action. Fans can not only look forward to
the day-to-day backroom management duties at New Star FC, like buying and
selling players, making deals with sponsors, meeting with the board, upgrading the
club infrastructure and managing finances, but also trying to keep their players
happy as well as taking full control of the team on the pitch! Unique arcade controls

allow gamers to string together passing moves, make runs, take shots, penalties,
free-kicks, make tackles and much, much more!
“In New Star Soccer Manager we wanted to give you ultimate control over how your
team plays” says Simon Read,creator of New Star Games “…matches are played out
in a similar way to New Star Soccer in that you only play out the highlights, but
when you get hands on, you can pass, head, shoot, dribble and tell players where
to make their runs”

Success in the game isn’t just dependent on making the right decisions off the pitch
but equally important, the player must also grapple with team tactics and
formation, time their players’ runs perfectly, judge when and how to play that
defence-splitting pass and where and when to shoot.

New Star Soccer Manager udgives en gang i løbet af sommeren til Android og iOS enheder.