Norske Ananki Game Studio har netop løftet sløret for 3 bosser i deres kommende spil The Fate of Baldr. Ananki Game Studio sender en stor hyldest til den nordiske mytologi med The Fate of Baldr, fordi det er inspireret af myten fra de gamle legender. Læs meget mere om det her og se de vilde billeder:

The Norwegian Indie game developer Ananki Game Studio sends a big tribute to the Norse Mythology. Their upcoming game The Fate of Baldr is inspired by the myth of the old legends.

The Norse Mythology refers to the Scandinavian framework that took place around the viking age (year 790 – 1100). The mythology is the overall term for myth, legends of supernatural beings that were related to the pre-christian Nordic religion.

The old Norse practiced a polytheistic religion. In short words it means they have a strong belief in different gods and goddesses.The story of different gods, creatures and heroes is praised by Ananki Game Studio and they want to celebrate the Norse Mythology by revealing 3 of the bosses from The Fate of Baldr.   

The dwarven brothers Brokkr and Eitri are well known for forging Thor’s hammer, Mjølnir, but they also crafted Odin’s spear Gungnir, a flawless magical weapon that would always hit the target. In The Fate of Baldr, Brokkr and Eitri are conjoined twins wielding a powerful smithing hammer. They appear as a boss in the dark, mud-covered wasteland known as Svartalvheim. 

Freya, the voluptuous goddess of love and war. Her magic necklace, Brisingamen, was forged by four dwarves and gifted to her after spending a night with each of them.

In The Fate of Baldr, Freya appears as a majestic archer boss in the magical jungles of Alvheim.

Hel, the horrific queen of death, daughter of Loki, and sister to Fenrir and Jormungandr. She is the feared ruler of Helheim, where those who die of sickness and old age are sent.

In The Fate of Baldr, Hel is a dark necromancer boss appearing at Helheim. She is rumored to be the keeper of Baldr’s soul ever since his death.