Så er QuakeCon 2022 i gang. Du kan følge med på Twitch.

QuakeCon 2022 kicks off today at 1:00 pm eastern with a brief welcome from Marty Stratton followed immediately by a full slate of global programming, including discussions on Bethesda games, fun interactive shows, giveaways, tournaments, charity fundraising, developer interviews, huge sales on Bethesda games, and much more.
Tune in at https://www.twitch.tv/bethesda to watch the show, meet up with old friends, donate to charity, and nab some giveaways!
We also have some exciting news breaking today in conjunction with the event. Please check out the details below!
id Software and Bethesda PC Classics come to PC Game Pass and the Microsoft Store
Today, PC Game Pass and the Microsoft Store get a lot more classic, with the addition of more than 10 PC games that set the standard for today’s most exceptional FPS and RPG titles, including Return to Castle WolfensteinQuake 4The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, and more.

  • Coming today with PC Game Pass:
    • Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    • Quake 4
    • Wolfenstein 3D
    • An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire
    • The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard
    • Unlock all Champions in Quake Champions via a Game Pass Perk
  • Free today on the Microsoft Store:
    • The Elder Scrolls: Arena
    • The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall
    • Quake Champions
  • For sale today in the Microsoft Store:
    • Heretic: Serpent Riders
    • Hexen: Beyond Heretic
    • Hexen: Deathkings

The Original Quake Re-Release Gets New Update Including the Legendary Mod, Threewave CTF
Last year we launched the original Quake for modern audiences and made the game available via Xbox Game Pass for a taste of id Sofware’s high octane classic. Today, we’re adding even more with Update 4, which includes the return of the legendary progenitor of team-based multiplayer: Threewave Capture the Flag. This addition includes nine iconic levels from the original mod just in time for QuakeCon to bring you and seven of your closest frag friends back together again!
Massive QuakeCon Sale is LIVE with Up to 70% off Select Bethesda Games
Join in the QuakeCon festivities with up to 70% off eligible Bethesda games at select retailers, 60% off DEATHLOOP, 50% off Ghostwire: Tokyo, and savings on FalloutDOOM EternalDishonoredWolfenstein, and more. (On Select Platforms, please see individual product pages for details, off regular price in selected regions.)
In addition, gamers can grab an incredible QuakeCon 2022 Bundle of Bethesda games for PC that includes DEATHLOOPGhostwire: TokyoDOOM Eternal and Fallout 76.