Så er der mere DLC til FS22 hvor du denne gang kan høste druer med ERO Grapeliner Series 7000. Samtidig har du mulighed for at pimpe dit setup med det roterende blink.

Vineyard farmers can upgrade their fleet of specialized machines, while machine enthusiasts look forward to a boxed beacon light. Publisher and developer GIANTS Software announces a new DLC with the ERO Grapeliner Series 7000 as well as physical merchandise to illuminate fans’ gaming setups.

Juicy: High-Performance Grape Harvester

With the ERO Grapeliner Series 7000, GIANTS Software and the German manufacturer of viticulture technology introduce a brand-new, high-performance grape harvester to Farming Simulator 22 – get a first glimpse in the teaser trailer. Harvesting the delicious fruit with extreme care and efficiency, it’s ideal for juicy businesses on lush hillsides striped with vines. It will be available in the form of a DLC on August 23rd for PC and consoles.

Illuminating: Boxed Beacon Light

PC players with an affection for colorful ambiance lighting look forward to the official Farming Simulator Beacon Light. The orange-colored beacon, which is usually placed on tractors and other machines, reacts to machinery in compatible games like Farming Simulator 22. When connected to the PC via USB, the beacon will light up as soon as players light the virtual ones in the game. Every Beacon Light includes a download code for the ERO Grapeliner Series 7000.

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“With the official Beacon Light, we are announcing the fourth physical product this year!”; comments Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at GIANTS Software. “These continuous releases underpin our ambitions as a publisher while we continue to expand our portfolio around the Farming Simulator brand.”

Farming Simulator 22 is available for PC, Mac, PlayStation®5 (PS5™), Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Stadia. A Year 1 Season Pass is available, extending the game with even more content in the future. GIANTS Software will also continue to release free content updates and user-generated content on the official ModHub.