THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV fra SNK Corporation er ude i dag. Ud over at du har selve spillet så er der også masser af DLC planlagt. Der bliver intet mindre end 12 forskellige DLC karakterer over det kommende år. Lige nu finder du KOFVX til PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10, Steam og på Epic Games Store. Vi har Mikkel i gang med at lave en anmeldelse.

The first wave of fighters is Team 1 (Team GAROU) which will release in March, with the second wave Team 2 (Team SOUTH TOWN) releasing in May. Team 3 will release some time during summer and Team 4 will be releasing in autumn. Each team is comprised of 3 fighters, so the total number added onto the current roster of 39 means players can expect to fight with 51 star-studded characters in THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV.  
Team 1 (Team GAROU) launches March 2022 and will consist of ROCK HOWARDB. JENET, and GATO from the smash-hit fighter GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES.
Though he’s the son of the fearsome Geese Howard, this young fighter with a complicated past was raised by Terry Bogard. A virtual prodigy when it comes to fighting, Rock has learned to utilize fighting styles passed down from both his father and stepfather. B. JENET convinces him to join Team GAROU this KOF. (CV:Yuma Uchida)

This cold and calculated master-class fighter always strays away from the pack. He set out for vengeance after his mother died at the hands of his father. Though he wishes to go his own way, B. JENET was able to convince him to join the team as she has some info on his father’s whereabouts.
The leader of a band of pirates known as the Lillien Knights, B. JENET has traveled the world far and wide. Daughter of the Behrn family, an influential international cartel, she became bored of her luxurious but tedious life and ran away to form the Lillien Knights. After the tumultuous events of the previous KOF, B. JENET has her suspicions that the worst is not over yet and sets her sights on joining this KOF to see what’s in store.

Team 2 (Team SOUTH TOWN) will launch in May 2022 and add the characters GEESE HOWARD, BILLY KANE, and RYUJI YAMAZAKI from the world-famous FATAL FURY series.
Team 3 for THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV is coming in summer while Team 4 will release in autumn 2022. Their characters will be revealed soon.

Platform: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10, Steam, Epic Store
Genre: Versus Fighting
Developer: SNK Corporation
Players: 1-2 local / 2-8 Network
Co-Publisher: Koch Media
Release Date: 17 February 2022