Så er der nyt fra TT Isle of Man der udkommer 6. marts. Vi har sakset pressemeddelsen:

John McGuinness, known as the “Morecambe Missile”, is a veritable legend of street motorcycle racing! While has proven himself many times in grand competitions such as the North West 200 or the Macau Grand Prix, he is above all a specialist of the Tourist Trophy, where he’s racked up 23 victories.

In this new video, gameplay extracts are commentated by this great driver who says he was stupefied by the realism of the game and that he felt the same adrenaline rush as when he’s riding his moto through the tracks of the Isle of Man. He also points out that every detail is faithfully reproduced in the game: the walls, the crowd, even the advertisements. Everything possible has been done to completely immerse you in this mythic course.

Main features:

  • A faithfully reproduction of the 37,73 miles and 264 bends of the Snaefell Mountain, which offers a race more longer and more difficult that all GP circuits (As shown in the attached simage)
  • 9 fantasy tracks to practice before facing the major race
  • 23 riders et 40 official motorbikes
  • Online competition for up to 8 players
  • A career mode that allows you to unlock new motorbikes and win the legendary Isle of Man Tourist Trophy

TT Isle of Man is the official simulation of motorcycle racing and offers an exact replica of the longest track in the world. Available March 6th 2018 on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC.