Så er der samlet unyttig paratviden om Dawn of War III der udkom torsdag i sidste uge. Vi har infografik ovenfor og hele opsamlingen nedenfor:
Dawn of War III was released on Thursday! Since then, non-stop battle has been raging. Our global network of fans have been busy diving back into the dark and brutal universe they know so well. To that end, we’ve collected some cool stats that shed light on how our fans are enjoying Dawn of War 3.

So far, players have waged war in 1,464,424 matches across our campaign, skirmish and multiplayer modes. Our fans have quickly racked up a colossal amount of collective playtime, which currently stands at 889,520 hours. Put another way, that’s 101.5 years!

The Blood God is exceptionally pleased with the astronomical body count, which sits at 176,544,050 total units killed. That’s over 30,000 deaths a minute over the course of four days! It does not get more Warhammer 40,000 than that.

As all 40k enthusiasts know, it’s not a proper war unless you look good doing it! Players have used the army painter to create 179,111 custom color schemes.

Interestingly, the favorite unlockable Elite for Eldar players is Jain Zar, who’s been deployed 112,895 times. She embodies the Eldar style of play – strike fast, hit hard, and then withdraw before taking damage.

Weirdboy Zapnoggin is the unlockable Ork Elite of choice. He’s already been called to action 137,843 times, suggesting Ork players find his devastating ranged abilities a useful complement to their melee heavy armies.

Players are making good use of the Space Marines’ resilience to hold out before bringing in end game behemoth Imperial Knight Solaria. The near indomitable walker has already seen 180,335 deployments!

Keen Eldar strategists have used the Avenger Shield doctrine, which enhances the shields of Dire Avengers, on 100,888 occasions. These players are undoubtedly looking to get the best from their early troops and secure vital resources.

Kunnin’ Ork Kommanders have to make good use of scrap. Maybe that’s why Healin’ Scrap is such a popular doctrine with 54,446 selections. If you gotta deal with scrap, it might as well heal ya!

Space Marine fans really value the Tip Of The Spear doctrine, which allows them to create a bastion on the frontlines by reinforcing troops and healing Elites at Listening Posts. This selection can make a well organized Space Marine force extremely difficult to break down, which is probably why it’s been used 118,790 times.

We’re incredibly excited to have released the third installment in this iconic franchise. During the next few weeks, we will be showcasing tons of content like strategy tips and amazing plays that our fans are going to love. If you don’t want to miss out, make sure you’re following us on social media.