Der er kommet mange VR spil og der er flere på vej. Udvikleren Rank17 har annonceret hele 4 titler til udgivelse i 2017. Det er Super Pixel Smash, der kommer i denne måned samt titlerne med arbejdetitlerne: Monster Crush Online, Planetary Punchout og Sniper. Ovenfor kan du se traileren til Super Pixel Smash. Vi har sakset beskrivelsen af kommende titler nedenfor.

Wield pixelated paddles to smash powerful shots across colorful interactive walls. Target power-ups for increased scoring, leverage the ever tricky “multi-balls,” or even unlock charged shots to rake in the points. Above all, be sure to avoid the dreaded “death panels”… and race against the clock to secure an impressive high score!

Play as a giant monster crushing everything in its path. Choose from four capable creatures — Carl Cthulhu, Demon Dave, Gorzilla Greg, and Randy Rockford — and lay waste to fully destructible cityscapes in this entertaining monster sim. In multiplayer mode, compete against friends or go co-op for some shared VR mayhem.

As an unwilling competitor in the Intergalactic Boxing Federation (IBF), the only choice is to face antagonistic alien creatures in a series of out-of-this-world boxing matches. Winning is far from easy: Each alien race has developed unique fighting styles — and defeat is not an option. Win enough bouts … and live to fight another day!