En ny og vild helikopter oplevelse er nu annonceret. Vi byder stort velkommen til Comanche.

Det kommende spil fra THQ Nordic har enw masse at byde på. I får her et fuldt overblik over spillets muligheder:

• Two in one: Control a technically advanced version of the legendary RAH-66 Comanche helicopter in heated dogfights, and step into its accompanying drone for close-quarter combat.
• Many strategic opportunities: Pick one of many Comanche/Drone combinations armed with varied weapons and unique gadgets that compliments your playing style.
• Objective-based multiplayer: Every mission has its own goal – play as a team, to achieve victory.
• Asymmetrical gameplay: Be either on the attacking or the defending side.
• Breachable buildings: Use destructible elements in your environment to catch your opponents off-guard.
• Early access for the players: Comanche will launch in early access to allow the community to participate in the game’s development with their feedback.
• Constant content updates: To expand, modify and improve the game THQ Nordic and Nukklear will continuously provide new exciting content for Comanche and react

Ud over det, så hvis I ser den trailer der er vedhæftet nyheden her, er der gameplay at se. Comanche er sat til udgivelse en gang i 2020.