Daylight der udvikles af Atlus og Zombie Studios har nu fået udgivelses datoen 8. april og kommer til at koste €15 eller ca. 110 kr. Spillet får også en helt unik social integration med Twitch på PlayStation 4. Det betyder at skrives specielle ord i chatten på Twitch så bliver de sagt i spillet. Helt unikt koncept som udviklerne forklarer således:

PS4 Multimedia Integration:
This is a very cool feature that we’re super stoked about. It’s no secret that Daylight is extremely friendly for the PS4’s “Share” button (ditto, PC streaming). The tinkerers at Zombie Studios found a way to use Twitch chat to cue in-game events. The example we’ve been tossing around (and is in no way final) is that someone watching a stream types the word “Meow” into the chat, which causes the game to make a corresponding sound of a cat. So yes. You can literally scare your friends now by watching the stream. There are two caveats to this:
1) They’re all on timers, so you can’t spam them. That would be ridiculous.
2) We’re not going to tell you the list of words. You’re going to have to find them through experimentation.