Det utroligt populære The Sims får ny community serie hvor udviklerne Maxis deler mere om kommende funktioner og aktivteter. Den første kan du ses nedenfor eller du kan læse mere her:

Electronic Arts and Maxis today announced Behind The Sims, a new community series that covers the latest updates, sneak peeks and deep dives into game development, including the latest on Project Rene, new content for The Sims 4 and more.

The Sims team is committed to keeping players in the loop on all that’s happening across The Sims franchises as we continue to expand on opportunities for self-discovery and deeper connections.

Here’s what players can expect from this Behind The Sims Community Stream: 

  • Quick update on Project Rene
  • An exciting new bundle of joy that is coming to The Sims 4on March 14
  • Ding dong! Meet The Sims 4’s newest family, The Michaelsons, February 2
  • Exciting new updates for The Sims FreePlayand The Sims Mobile