Så er er co-op spillet for par – It takes two – ude til Nintendo Switch. Så EA har været ude at lave sjov og ballade med forskellige par. Du kan læse mere unyttig paratviden om parforhold nedenfor hvor vi både har udgivelse traileren til Switch samt traileren der viser forskellige par spille.

To celebrate the launch of the critically-acclaimed co-op adventure game It Takes Two on Nintendo Switch, EA invited couples to put their collaboration skills and feelings to the test. With 50% of all couples worrying about relationship boredom* and another 56% believing other couples have more fun, can gaming get the sparks flying again?

Wake up, go to work, shop for groceries, cook dinner, crash on the couch and repeat all over again the next day. Sound familiar? Routine and everyday chores are a slippery slope toward relationship boredom. This is the foundation upon which It Takes Two’s co-op adventure is built. In the game, main characters Cody and May are trapped after a magic spell turns them into dolls; both must work together to overcome unpredictable challenges in order to save their fractured marriage.

Better Together Experience Putting Couples to the Test

To celebrate It Takes Two’s recent launch on Nintendo Switch, EA put couples to the test with the Better Together Experience: inviting two couples to play together, after expressing boredom in their relationship and wanting to try something new.

The couples, Ellie Gibson & Pete Hobden and Rianna Linton & Paige Meade, embarked on an emotional journey in It Takes Two, playing as Cody and May to save the characters’ relationship by working together.

This was done because time for each other, encouraging your partners’ passions, and being present are all important lessons learned throughout It Takes Two’s gameplay – the latter being more important now than ever. According to a new survey conducted by OnePoll**, 1,850 US adult (18-40) respondents currently in a relationship find social media and smartphones to be major distractions when engaging together. Additional findings indicate that:

  • 61% of respondents are regularly or always using their smartphone when spending time with their partner/spouse.
  • 59% said their partner most of the time or always seem distracted when spending time together.
  • Respondents said they would be willing to give up social media (33%), tasty food (23%) and sleep (21%) to have more time with their partner, while 16% would be willing to sacrifice a limb in return for more quality time together with their partner/spouse.

If social media and smartphones distract us, could another type of screen time bring us closer?

According to the survey results, 61% of US respondents find that playing video games together can have a positive effect on their relationship.

“Compared to passive pastime activities like watching TV or streaming services, playing a co-op game likeIt Takes Twocannot be done without fully engaging in the moment. This creates a dynamic where couples can truly enjoy time together, while unknowingly working on their collaboration and communication skills,”said Chloe Dubini, EA Originals Brand Manager & Marketing Lead, EA.

“It’s hard to be distracted by something else when you’re fighting giant wasps together with your partner.”

One of the participants from the Better Together Experience said in the video:

“It’s definitely been a positive experience. It’s quite rare and special to have a game where you do work together. There are lots of times when you can’t do anything unless you listen to the other person. It’s not a bad thing.”

With over a quarter (27%) of the surveyed US adults trying a new activity with their partner/spouse every month, this holiday season is the perfect time to introduce your relationship to the joy of co-op gaming.