LEGO Worlds har været ude lidt tid nu, så nu er det tid til spillet skal have en større opdatering.

Warner Bros har lige frigivet en større opdatering til LEGO Worlds. Og vi må tage hatten af for den opdatering, for der er åbnet godt for godteposen i denne opdatering.

Det store trækplaster i denne opdatering må være Sandbox Mode, som bliver vildt. I kan se her hvad I har fået med den nye opdatering:

  • Sandbox Mode – An immersive building experience where players can let their imaginations run wild with all of the game’s tools, objects and bricks instantly available at their fingertips. This mode will skip the LEGO® Worlds’ tutorial worlds, so new players will want to try Adventure Mode first in order to fully understand the tools — and some of the rarest, harder to find creatures are locked until they’re found in Adventure Mode.
  • New Models for the Brick Build Showcase Coming Soon – Players should keep an eye out for new models coming soon to the Brick Build Showcase. The brick built models will include new characters, creatures, vehicles, props and items from the Nexo Knight and City Emergency themes, with even more themes to follow.
  • Updated UI – The LEGO® Worlds updated user interface includes a new Front Menu and the removal of a few prompts from in-game.

Ser I frem til at prøve kræfter med Sandbox Mode?