Så gælder det om at samle vennerne når du i indie spillet No Heroes Here skal kæmpe dig gennem 3 riger, 54 borge og 9 udfordringer.

The successful path of No Heroes Here, an independent game released by Mad Mimic Interactive, gets a new chapter today with the long awaited – and strongly requested – Nintendo Switch version. No Heroes Here is out today on the eShop after a great release on the PS4 in May. The already confirmed Xbox One version will have its date confirmed soon.

In addition to the release on the Nintendo Switch, Mad Mimic Interactive is also celebrating the game’s two nominations on this year’s edition of BIG Festival 2018 – Brazilian Independent Game Festival. After a series of nominations and awards all around the globe, including the award for Best Brazilian Game at the Brazil Game Awards, Best Social Game at the Game Connection Development Awards, Best Sound and Best Gameplay awards at MAX, No Heroes Here is one of the contenders for the award of Best Brazilian Game and Best Multiplayer at BIG Festival 2018.

“We are happy to announce the release of No Heroes Here for the Nintendo Switch. The game is all about communication and team work and the multiplayer aspect is part of the essence of this console. The synergy is so strong that you can’t think about No Heroes Here without thinking about the Nintendo Switch.”, said Luís Fernando Tashiro, Executive Director at Mad Mimic Interactive.

No Heroes Here brings a gameplay which is easy to get and hard to master, and it is a ‘Castle Defender’ that brings new elements to spicy up the genre. Featuring a co-op experience and multiplayer for up to 4 players, the game initially debuted on Windows and Mac OSvia Steam. The rich and deep aspects of No Heroes Here can be noticed not only on its gameplay. With a diverse set of characters and challenging levels, it is up to you to think about the best strategy to beat all the levels.