The Crew 2 er kendt for at have en del større gratis opdateringer. Nu kommer den 5. opdatering i rækken.

Denne gang får vi også en ny game mode der kan spilles igennem. Der er også en masse andet. Få et fuldt overblik her:

Hobbies are a new feature which reward players for completing activities in three distinct playstyles, and unlocks exclusive rewards such as new vehicles, avatar outfits, and more. Players can unlock rewards from three Hobbies:

  • The Collector: From fame to performance parts, players can collect all of the items The Crew 2 offers
  • The Explorer: Drivers trek from coast to coast, visiting attractions, and discovering secrets all over the United States
  • The Racer: Players must find the perfect path, outpace their opponents and reach the top of the leaderboards

Additionally, Touring Bikes, a new vehicle category, has been added to the Touring discipline, and will give players the opportunity to discover a new way to master their favorite Touring events.

Opdateringen er ude nu til alle platforme.