Spillet Pictionary er kommet til mobiler fra udvikleren Etermax. Det er hædret på Google Play som “Best of 2017” og “Most Social Game. Lige nu er det ude i et juletema. Etermax står også bag Trivia Crack og Aworded Crack i samarbejde med Mattel. Du kan finde det til iOS og Android. Vi har mere her:

The Etermax team released a special update to celebrate the holiday season:

  • The mobile app now complements the physical game: It’s now possible to combine the physical game and the Pictionary™ app: a brand new mode enables users to extend the variety of cards available in the board game in order to discover new cards and categories within the mobile app.
  • New drawing categories: Pictionary™ users can now select the category they want to play with. New categories such as “Sport” and “Movies” have been added to the game. Plenty others, including “Food”, are coming soon.
  • Holiday-themed update: December is here, and Christmas is in the air: the characters, splash icon and various other items have been updated holiday-style.
  • New tool: The “Zoom” tool is now available for all users, adding more precision to the drawings.
  • New languages: Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.
  • Optimization: The waiting time between rounds has been shortened.