Hvis du kender en Pokémon fan som skal forkæles lidt, så er det måske en god ide at kigge lidt med her.

Der er netop lavet en lækker samling af de forskellige pokémon spil og andre ting fra dette univers der hitter. Der bliver set nærmere på:

  • Pokémon Sword og Shield
  • Pokémon Carry Case Playset
  • My Partner Eevee
  • Pokémon Trainer Trivia 
  • Battle Academy

Vores kære venner hos Mi5 har smedet denne lækre præsentation sammen. Den skal I ikke snydes for:

 Pokémon Festive Gift Guide 2020 
Pokémon remains a global phenomenon almost 25 years after its creation. The original premise to create something that would capture the childhood wonder of discovering new creatures, collecting them, and sharing the experience with friends blossomed into the beloved brand that stands today—a global franchise spanning video games, trading cards, animated TV series, feature films, apps, and a fantastic range of associated products designed to delight fans of all ages around the world.

Included in the Pokémon 2020 gift guide, you will find our selection of the top products that encompass the best of the classic themes: discovering, collecting, battling, and trading.

Pokémon Sword & Shield
Get set to explore the region of Galar in the multimillion-selling Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. As your adventure unfolds, encounter new and returning Pokémon and battle rival Trainers while you aim to be crowned Champion. Team up with friends to take on powerful Gigantamax Pokémon, or relax by setting up camp and even cooking curries! There’s so much to do in Galar—and with the addition of the downloadable Expansion Pass (sold separately), even more possibilities await.

Pokémon Carry Case Playset
The awesome Pokémon Carry Case Playset brings the world of Pokémon to life! Re-enact your very own Pokémon battles and explore the Pokémon world with this exciting and feature-filled Carry Case Playset! With tons of features including a bounding boulder, treetop trap door, battle area, hidden cave, spinning whirlpool and so much more, the adventures are endless! Never has the Pokémon world been brought to life quite like this! The Pokémon Carry Case Playset is scaled for any 2-inch Pokémon figure, and when your adventures are complete, it all folds up easily into a backpack. Not only is it perfect for safely storing all your Pokémon figures in one place, but it also adds to the Pokémon role play and means you can take your Carry Case Playset wherever you go!

My Partner Eevee
Play with Eevee in a whole new way! My Partner Eevee has a built-in microphone and touch-sensor technology that lets you and Eevee communicate in a new and fun way. With over 50 different reactions to your touch, your voice and even music, watch My Partner Eevee come alive as its ears and arms move! With 20 iconic sound effects and expressions, My Partner Eevee lets you bring the thrill of becoming a Pokémon Trainer into the real world!

Pokémon Trainer Trivia 
Put on your Trainer cap, choose your Pokémon and challenge your friends in the arena! Answer the questions asked by the Game Master and reduce your opponents’ Pokémon points to zero. You can also play solo—train and beat your own record to become a real Pokémon expert in Single Player Mode!

Battle Academy
Prepare for a Pokémon battle with the ready-to-play Pokémon Trading Card Game Battle Academy. In the box is everything two players need to play, including guides to the decks so your first game is easy to follow. Choose Charizard, Pikachu or Mewtwo, and then lead your team into the arena.

The Pokémon TCG Battle Academy includes:
• 3 complete Pokémon TCG decks (60 cards each)
• Each deck includes a powerful special Pokémon: Charizard-GX, Raichu-GX, or Mewtwo-GX
• 2 tutorial guides to play right away
• 1 two-player game board
• 3 deck boxes to keep the cards organized
• 1 rulebook
• 1 large metallic coin
• 1 set of damage counters
• A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online