Husker du det sjove indie spil #IDARB, hvor vi både have en anmeldelse og en artikel om det sjove interface til at lave figurer? Der er nu en opdatering ude med nyt indhold og nye features. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

New levels!

  • “Team Breakfast”  and  “Moustache Cops Versus Cthulhu in Space” 

New Mode and mini-games!

  • Halftime Olympic mode – compete in your own customized mini-game marathon! 
  • New halftime mini-games; “Hoppy Street”, “Photon Bikes” and “Boom Chamber”


  • Improved matchmaking and latency.
  • AI Teammates now available in local matches.
  • Kinect Voice Hashbombs added.
  • Added Trading Post – Unlocks achievement that required Kinect on previous release.
  • Tracking 3,5,15 point shots
  • “Downtown” Shot for 10 points recognized.
  • Majestic Eagle recognized for 15 points. (Honoring @cheezgamer92)
  • Added Song Sequencer (Honoring @adriancajili) 
  • Ability to rename Songs.
  • Added loading screen(s).
  • Option to turn crowns on and off for winningest local team.
  • Option to enable alternating goals between rounds.
  • Tears upgraded. (Aim your tears!)