Kapaciteten bliver ved med at vokse selvom det ikke afspejles i vægt og størrelse. Xtorm har nu en 20,000mAh Power Bank ude til en pris på ca. 600 kr. Vi har sakset pressemeddelelsen:

The Fuel Bank 8x forms part of the popular Fuel Series that was introduced last summer by Xtorm. This Power Bank offers an easy-to-use mobile charging solution for everyone. The Power Banks from the Fuel Series are ideal for daily charging of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The Fuel Bank 8x has an enormous capacity and holds enough energy to charge a smartphone up to 8 times! In addition, you can charge 2 devices at once because the Fuel Bank 8x has two USB ports. Given the increasing use of mobile devices, a Power Bank with a substantial capacity and several USB ports like this is certainly not a luxury.

This Power Bank also has handy features that make the Fuel Bank an extremely user-friendly product. The Fuel Bank has an on-off button, LED indicator lamps and a rubber exterior that provides an extra firm grip. The Fuel Bank stops charging automatically when the mobile device is fully charged; this prevents energy loss and overcharging of mobile devices.

The Xtorm Fuel Bank 8x offers the ideal charging solution for en route, on holiday or at the office. With this powerful back-up battery you’ll have extra power anywhere, any time.