Når man giver en en gave så gælder det om at finde noget som man også selv ville blive glad for. Hvis husholdningen skændes om adgangen til ladestikket eller der bliver brokket over hvor rodet det ser ud så er du godt på vej til at ramme de 3 gode grunde til at købe en Xtorm Power Hub.

3 reason Mom needs a Xtorm Power Hub for Mother’s Day

She loves a tidy home

A Power Hub is the space-saving charging accessory that helps to keep the house neat and tidy. No more cables and adapters laying around everywhere!

She loves to be able to reach to whole family
The whole family can easily charge mobile devices using the Xtorm Power Hub. This way everyone can leave the house with a charged smartphone battery and getting away with the excuse of an empty battery is no longer going to happen!

She hates arguments
The Power Hub puts an end to arguments about the use of a plug socket. Depending on which Xtorm Power Hub you choose, you can charge up to five or seven mobile devices at once using a single socket.

Price and availability

The Xtorm Power Hubs Cube (XPD11) and Vigor (XPD16) are available from €39 in various (online) stores and at Xtorm.eu. Xtorm offers two years guarantee and unlimited helpdesk support on all its products.