Så er en kreative mennesker hos MI5 Communication klar med 5 hurtige til at du skal spille HITMAN 2 sammen med en ven. Der er jo både Sniper Assassin og så den nye Ghost mode. Begge giver rig mulighed for at vise hvem der er boss.
HITMAN 2 is the first game in the series that offers online co-op. In the Sniper Assassin Mode you can play with your friends. In Ghost Mode you can play against them. In case you need some reasons to call in your buds, here’s five of them:

  • You can finally show that one annoying friend who’s the boss
    Because let’s face it, what’s more satisfying than being the best? Ghost Mode will let you do just that. What’s even better? You can fully humiliate them by beating them wearing a flamingo-costume.
  • The great bonding experience
    Don’t know how to communicate with your stepson, or want to get to know your brother-in-law better? There’s no better way to bond than to team up and assassinate a bunch of dudes.
  • Impress your crush
    Everyone knows that nothing is sexier than knowing how to handle a (virtual) sniper rifle. So, invite the person of your dreams and show them your epic skills and win their hearts! (Disclosure: We do not guarantee a 100% success.) In Sniper Assassin and Ghost Mode, you will also see if they can perform on time.
  • The best test
    HITMAN 2’s online modes can also act as a perfect test! If you’re trying to figure out which person to hire for your company, if the person your daughter is dating is the right one… Well, put them to the test in HITMAN 2. Can they follow directions? Can they work together with others? Can they aim? These are all very important qualities.
  • The pure joy of gaming 
    All jokes aside, Sniper Assassin and Ghost Mode are another way to experience the great game that is HITMAN2. It doesn’t need to get competitive, you can just play the game because it’s incredibly fun. That’s basically the only reason one needs. So really, this list should just be this one point. Please disregard all above. Thanks.