ADATA har for tredje gang opnået en udmærkelse fra AREA (Asia Responsible Enterprise Award) for deres indsats for Corporate Global Responsibility. Du kan læse mere nedenfor.

ADATA Technology (3260), a global leader in memory modules and flash memory, today received an Asia Responsible Enterprise Award (AREA), one of the highest-rated CSR awards in Asia, in the social empowerment category. This award once again recognized ADATA’s commitments of “Continuously demonstrating insight into the needs of society, leading the way to a better future”. For three consecutive years, ADATA was recognized by AREA from 2020 to 2022.

Simon Chen, Chairman of ADATA Technology, said, “We are honored to receive the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards for the third time, and ADATA continues to advocate for children and youth education, care for the underprivileged in remote areas and patients with rare diseases. We have also invested heavily in smart healthcare and joined hands with leading medical institutions to enhance the capacity of national pandemic prevention. In the future, ADATA will continue to promote technology innovation for the future, encourage others to spread love by beginning from itself and realize the sustainable vision of ‘Be people-oriented and give back to society’.”

ADATA supports health care with solid actions

In the past two years, the world was affected by Covid-19, and ADATA is well aware of the critical impact of the pandemic and the important role of healthcare workers. ADATA has always believed that technology can bring changes to people’s life in a smart way. Therefore, ADATA has joined hands with National Taiwan University Hospital in Hsinchu to develop the “C-Rob Autonomous Mobile Robot (C-Rob AMR)”, which aims to reduce the workload of healthcare workers and improve the efficiency of medical treatment through smart medical care. In order to realize the vision of pandemic disease prevention and treatment, ADATA has demonstrated its support by donating the pandemic prevention fund to Taipei Medical University Hospital, with the aim of strengthening medical care and disease prevention in Taiwan through cross-disciplinary cooperation.

In view of the increased workload of healthcare workers during the pandemic, ADATA Technology has put the health care of employees first. Therefore, it launched the “go to work with peace of mind program,” distributing free pandemic prevention supplies, such as masks, rapid test kits, and face shields, to build a COVID-free working environment. ADATA aimed to reduce the burden on society while promoting a new lifestyle with less restrictions and strong actions in pandemic prevention.

We are grateful to the firefighters and medical personnel who spare no effort to contribute to the public. We hope that through the power of the enterprise, we could set a good example for others to follow and call on more private forces to participate in social welfare and make a contribution to society from various aspects. In 2021, ADATA donated a new type of ambulance and an eTrike to Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital, and bestowed fire trucks to Taichung City Government to assist in disaster prevention and municipal administration, in order to improve the overall rescue capability through multiple channels.

ADATA cares for patients with rare diseases in remote areas

ADATA is committed to creating a diverse and equal social environment to build sustainable cities and communities, and look forward to revitalizing remote areas and creating hope and care for people with rare diseases.

In collaboration with “Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders” and “World Vision Taiwan”, ADATA invited patients with rare diseases, their families and siblings, and less privileged children in remote areas of Taiwan to participate in the 4th ADATA parent-child painting and photography contest to show their creativity. For each piece of work, $100 NTD were donated to the Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders and World Vision Taiwan, so that the energy of love could be spreaded out and bring warmth and innovation to the community.

In addition, ADATA launched the “Hope Project” to continue with supporting the development in remote areas and social welfare organizations in the midst of the pandemic. Through donating pandemic prevention supplies, ADATA warmly helped Hondao Senior Citizen’s Welfare Foundation, Children Are Us Foundation, Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders and over 10 rural junior high schools and elementary schools across county in Taiwan! The “Hope Project” also called for second-hand clothes from ADATA employees to send love and warmth to the Bukai tribe in Nantou. For the seventh consecutive year, ADATA has also organized second-hand charity sales to promote the concept of waste reduction and recycling, to extend the life cycle of the second-hand goods, to provide the money from the charity to the underprivileged groups, to show the cohesiveness and love of ADATA employees, to carry through the ideal of building a resource recycling society, and to become the strongest support for the underprivileged friends!

ADATA values the development of children and youth education

As the society continues to progress and develop economically, the number of poor children continues to rise and the gap between the rich and the poor widens. ADATA hope to contribute in stopping the underprivileged groups from falling behind in the society. Therefore, ADATA cooperated with Shanghai Charity Foundation to donate more than 10,000 cans of its branded milk powder and other materials to children, so that children with less privileges could have a chance to have a quality and healthy life and grow up with love and care.

ADATA believes that education is the most valuable investment for the future, education is the strength of social stability, and children’s education is the hope of the future. Since 2011, ADATA has run the “spread love with red envelops – let children become better adults” program every year by all employees, where ADATA has joined hands with like-minded children and youth support organizations, including the Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation, the Orphan Welfare Foundation, the Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, and the Puren Youth Care Foundation, etc., to provide scholarships to support children’s education on an ongoing basis, and has also worked with the foundations to organize fundraising fairs and walking campaigns to turn around the future of over 10,000 children and youth.

In the future, ADATA will continue to create philanthropic understanding and implement the philosophy of “what is taken from society is used in society” to create a better future for the public!